USA To Ghana

We deliver all packages from America to Ghana within a maximum of 14 days or 2 weeks

Great Support

We provide great customer support by listening to all your thoughts and concerns

Prompt Deliveries

We ensure deliveries are on time. We also report any unforseen delays to the customer

Affordable Pricing

We offer value for money by ensuring there are no hidden fees during the shipping process

What we do?

Eazyloop helps businesses & individuals deliver their packages from the USA to Ghana on time and on schedule and at very affordable prices. Now you can shop at online stores like Amazon, Macys, Overstock, Walmart etc and get your package delivered to your doorstep. Simply place your shipment request and leave the rest to us!



Connect with Eazyloop today and get first-hand experience of our customer friendly but efficient shipping services.



With our ever improving pricing engine, we ensure you pay the right price for the right shipment with no hidden fees. It's that simple



Trust us to ensure all your deliveries are completed on time and on schedule. Our promise of reliabilty shines through our operations.



Eazyloop is available online and is totally mobile friendly as well. Requesting deliveries has never been this simple and convenient.

How It Works

Eazyloop works in three basic steps.

Sign Up For Eazyloop

Create your free account today and begin enjoying the benefits of convenient deliveries across the city and from america to ghana

Top Up Your Account

Top Up your account via any of the mobile money wallets. You can also make payment into our bank account with your username as reference

Place Shipment Requests

Place your shipment requests and we will handle the rest. You can also consolidate your packages with us for a month.

All benefits

Eazyloop is designed to give you an awesome experience. Below are a few reasons why you should sign up today.


We ensure all your packages are delivered as promised

Mobile Friendly

Adapts to all screen size so you can use it on mobile or tablet

Great Customer Support

We are always here to assist you should you get into any difficulty

Simple & Easy to Use

Just top-up and place your requests. It's that simple!

Easy Top-Up System

Top-Up your account online or via any of the mobile money wallets

Available On The Go

Available on mobile. Eazyloop is compatible with all popular browsers.

Automated Alerts

Get real-time alerts on the status of your shipment as they happen

Extremely Convenient

Let us handle your deliveries so you can go on living your life!